Even the Pros Use It

Brad Kohler

The bag works really well The fit is absolutely bitchin! I have not tried it a freeway speeds, but I would be willing to bet that it will work nicely.

Brad Kohler KTM Adventure Tour Mechanic—Mammoth Hills, CA

The Official Motorcycle Cover of Dirtbike Television

Patric LaMeaux

I love the Original Dirtbag – it fits like a glove on every dirtbike we film and keeps them clean when we go to shoot at a remote location. No more detailing bikes all night before a ride!! Thanks, DirtBag Designs!!!

Patric LaMeaux Producer—Dirtbike Television

Used and Abused in the Paris Dakar Rally with Team Embro Racing

Protected the racers’ KTM rally bikes against the harsh conditions of the legendary cross-continent off-road race through the mud and sand of the Western Sahara.

In for the Long Haul…

Pat Bonish

After many miles of traveling, we have added a few items to help in the set-up. First of all, we needed a cover for the motorcycle. With only a 1000 miles on the bike and under 6 months old, it was looking pretty beat up.  You gotta figure it sits outside on the back of the coach 24 hours a day, and under some pretty harsh conditions. With the constant road grime and sun beating down on it, the plastic was taking a beating. Most of the covers that I found were just Shower Caps that would cover the bike and were made from some cheap material that looked like they might last for a week or two.

I needed something that would allow my straps to come out of the cover and still fit around the bike. That was when we found the Dirt Bag Designs Bike Cover. This beautiful bike blanket wraps the motorcycle in a waterproof material and still allows for the handlebar straps to come out of the cover. We happened to be in Michigan when we found this company, and the owner just so happened to live in the same town as my parents where we were staying at. How lucky could we get!?!

Brett came over and gave me a tutorial on how to install the Dirt Bag Cover, and within ten minutes, all my worries were resolved. We tested the cover on our first trip to Pennsylvania, and with a few days of straight driving, not a single strap come loose. A thousand miles and the bike stayed protected under the waterproof Dirt Bag Cover. I only wish I would have found this thing 12,000 miles ago!! The various straps hold the cover firmly around the bike and even have a spot for the foot pegs to protrude.

One of my worries was getting to the bike with the Dirt Bag Cover on. I tend to take the path of least resistance and figured if I had the cover on, I would just come up with a reason not to take it off and go through the hassle of removing it. That was till the first time I needed to get to the bike. I unsnapped a few of the buttons, unbuckled a few quick release buckles, and in under 2 minutes, I had the bike ready to unload. You just cant beat this Cover!!

I cant wait to detail the bike now that I don’t have to worry about it getting beat up on the rack. This way I only have to give it a really good cleaning once, and it’ll stay spotless for miles down the road.

Pat Bonish http://everymilesamemory.com

More Happy Campers!

Greg Davis

I love my DBD tank top, thanks Dirtbag Designs!!!”

Nicole – a.k.a “Monster Ducati Girl” (watch out guys she rides, REALLY)

“Brett, I got the bag, Really, really nice. Very happy!

Greg Davis
 Josh Evans

The Original Dirtbag saved my bike on a cross country trip – we hit a new asphalt section and my bike stayed clean; my brother’s bike looked lke someone had thrown tar all over it… this cover rocks!!

Josh Evans CRF 250—Placerville, CO

Just wanted to write and say thanks for saving my bike from a thrashing last week. We were parked at a hotel overnight and we woke up to 3″ of snow and slop all over the road. My Yamaha 426 was clean as a whistle and my brother’s bike was crusty. He had to go to a car wash before the race and re-lube everything!!!

Matty Bowling Atlanta, GA

I used to have a cheesy nylon cover but the Original Dirtbag is it!! It works just as well in the garage as on the back of the trailer – thanks again!!

Emmet Stovall Wilmington, NC